Bottle Shape Round Type Cooling Towers

Bottle Type Cooling Towers:

Bottle type cooling towers are which are mainly used to dissipate the heat in circulating water. Our cooling towers are manufactured using superior grade mild steel, stainless steel and Aluminum casting, to resist water borne bacteria’s and organisms. Known for its low operation cost, Round Bottle Type Cooling Tower is light in weight that permits roof installation without any special reinforcement.
Bottle type cooling towers and square type cooling towers operate on the counter flow principle which gives the best performances. The air flow through the tower in fiII is opposed to the water flow. The cold air meets the cooled water at the bottom of the infill providing maximum evaporation and heat transfer in the infill.


Bottle type Cooling Towers have a long service life and an aesthetic design. The air flow through the bottle type cooling tower is more evenly distributed. Structural members do not interrupt air intake and therefore thermodynamically, they are the most efficient design in the field. This directly reduces running costs. The water is distributed by means of a sprinkler Unit, which rotates through Inlet Water pressure. Distribution of water is uniform throughout the fill Area. bottle type Cooling Towers are moulded in segments. They are bolted and fixed on site. Casing and basins are designed to withstand severe vibration, high wind load and to resist corrosion. The tower offers PVC fills and eliminators in a design that maximizes economy and efficiency. The shape makes possible to provide maximum cooling in a minimum plan area with lower energy consumption.


Bottle Shape Cooling Towers
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Casing & Basin:
The tower casing is made of though fibber glass reinforced plastic (FRP) and has sufficient structural strength to withstand high wind velocities and vibrations the portion of casing housing. The water collection sump, also of FRP, is leak – proof and avoids water spillage.
The fill is of rigid PVC and is of honeycomb design with large contact area. The fills splits the air and water into several streams, increasing the time of contact and also heat transfer between water and air. We can supply HIPS and ABS material fills for high temperature applications.
Water Distribution System:
The water distribution system is fixed type and it is made of GI pipes with multiple branches and plastic spray nozzles. It is designed for very low pressure drop and uniform distribution of water overfill area. We can supply automatic rotary sprinkler system for round bottle type cooling towers.
Specially designed energy efficient axial type fans with adjustable pitch, made of cast aluminium alloy or FRP. It is specially designed for low running cost and low noise level.
Electric Motor:
Totally enclosed TENC type flanged mounted motor, with extended threaded shaft and having IP-55 degree of protection and are specially designed for cooling tower application.
Uniform distribution of water over the honeycomb. Fills is achieved by means of automatic water sprinkler. There is no motor but with the jet recoil force to rotate and distribute water d centrally, it consists of several P.V.C Pipes, on which a series of apertures are drilled longitudinally fitted on lightweight. PVC rotary heady and mounted on sealed ball bearings.
Drift Eliminator:
CCS Drift eliminators, to reduce carry over losses through of moistures drop in the air stream. The individual drift eliminators of s-shaped corrugated sheets are bonded with subsequent layer to creat the structure.
PVC Honeycomb Fills:
PVC Honeycomb type fills having extended contact area. Splits incoming air and water into several streams spread evenly across the water cross section increasing heat transfer rate easy to replace.


  1. Easy installation
  2. Low energy consumption
  3. Easy maintenance
  4. Long service life.
  5. Direct access to internal parts, providing easy maintenance and repair.
  6. F R P Cooling Towers can withstand corrosion, to resist water born bacteria and organisms.
  7. Light in weight and permits roof installation without special reinforcement of any kind.
  8. Vertical Induced Draft Counter Flow design permits installation in any direction.
  9. Consumes less power because of less air resistance to water.


  1. Package type, with FRP structure, casing & basin
  2. With high efficient vacuum-formed fill and extra drain plug.
  3. Tower dimension smaller than traditional models.
  4. Drift eliminator &silent mat available for options.