Types of Cooling Towers
After many years of development of this technology, cooling towers are available in different types and sizes. Each of these is applicable in a certain load configuration, the reason it is important to outline the options available. Note that despite the different designs, the basic function remains as that of dissipating heat from a building system or a process to the air through evaporation. Here are some categorizations.
-Mechanical draft cooling tower
-Atmospheric cooling tower
-Hybrid draft cooling tower
-Air flow-characterised cooling tower
-Construction-characterised cooling tower
-Shape characterized cooling tower
-Cooling tower based on method of heat transfer
Each of these could carry several cooling towers. For instance, categorizing cooling towers in terms of heat transfer method gives three options: Dry cooling towers, Open circuit cooling towers and Closed circuit cooling towers/ fluid cooling towers.
Dry cooling towers / Coil Cooling Tower is an equipment which is used to cool and maintain the temperature of process hot water at a particular level. This operates on the principle of heat transfer by a heat exchanger with extended fins. The fan is deiven by an Electric Motor. Applying dry cooling means saving water.
Dry cooling technologies prove technical qualities and effectiveness in power plant heat rejection.
Dry Cooling Towers functioning in combination of extended sine wave finned surface heat transfer coils, with axial flow fans and rigid construction for regular operation. The hot water from any equipment can be sent to the inlet of the Dry Cooling Tower & that hot water get Cooled and Cold water outlet from the Dry / Coil is connected to the pump, which pumps the cold water to the equipment to transfer the heat from the equipment with less Evaporation loss, Maintenance free, No need of raw Water tank & 100% free from descaling.
Dry cooling benefits are:
-Conserving significant amount of water.
-Minimizing environmental impact.
-Very economical in cost.
-Dry cooling Applications are:
-Power Plant Cooling Solution
-Injection Moulding
-Chemical & Oil Refineries
-Plastic Extruder Plant
-Steel Foundry & Forgings
-Dairy & Dyeing Plants
-Water Treatment Plants
-Diesel / Gas Genset Plants
-Necessity of Air /Dry / Coil Cooling Tower
Water is the most essential element of our life, About 97 percent of that is stored in ocean. Of the remaining 3%, 2% are frozen ermanently as ice. What is left is what we have to work with. And this precious and meager amount needs a lot of attention to perform its function properly in the machines of civilization. Water plays a great role in industries. It is used as a coolant in various machineries. In water cooling towers like FRP Tower or Timber Tower, huge loss of water due to drift, evaporation, spray loss and blow down. It is now abundantly clear that water charges will go on rising at well beyond inflation rates. So for that we are introducing the Dry Cooling Tower / Coil Cooling tower for save the water.
Special Features of Air / Dry / Coil Cooling Tower
Usage :
The Air / Dry / Coil Cooling Tower are very compact and aerodynamically designed for Diesel Engines and LT & HT Circuits.
Very Less Water Conceptions:
The Air / Dry / Coil Cooling Tower are air cooled equipment so just you fill very small quantity of water, after that it is not required additional water. Due to the closed circuit there is no evaporation loss. So our towers are save the water cent percent.
Filling Water :
You can fill any type of quality of water. No need of water softening plant or treatment chemicals. In first time just you fill small quantity of common drinking water.
No Scale formation
Due to closed circuit, same water will be circulated continually and no chance for evaporation so that scale will not be separate from the water and it is not deposit at any where in the heat transfer area.
TIPO Towers are very compact and aerodynamically designed. There is no any restriction for the location of the plant; atmospheric air is the cooling media. It cools the hot water and maintains the temperature of process hot water at a particular level. It has designed for highest ambient temperature so we could run the engine in 100% load even in peak summer. It has the fan and electric motor to the water. Energy Economy:
TIPO Towers are specially designed aerodynamically for power saving we are provide the most at controls to switch off the fan motors in the time of cold ambient temperature.
Maintenance :
TIPO Dry Cooling Towers are closed circuit. So no chance to mix dust, fly, living organisms and dirt with process water. Air is the cooling media so there is no corrosion problem.