Cross Flow Cooling Towers:

Cross flow cooling towers system is a design in which the air flow is directed perpendicular to the water flow. Air flow enters one or more vertical faces of the Cross flow cooling towers to meet the fill material. In this case the air that passes the water is not capable to pass waters at different temperatures. Thus the level of Cross flow cooling tower in this case is less. this Cooling tower is a pioneering product in Design & manufacture of FRP Cooling towers in South India. No sprinkler distribution is possible in a Cross flow Cooling Towers. This Cooling Towers have to be large sized because of the cavity which is to be left between the fan and the fills.


The Cross flow cooling tower design incorporates a FRP distribution basin with number of flower type target nozzles in it and is located at the tower top. The water, by gravity, is dispersed over the fill media uniformly and water is allowed to pass vertically down along the honey comb fills. The fan coupled directly to the motor is placed horizontally to draw air across the fill media. A small portion of water is evaporated which removes the heat from the remaining water. In warm moist air is drawn to the horizontally placed fan / motor and is discharged through the fan deck, to the atmosphere. The resultant cold water is collected at the cooling tower collection sump from where it is re-circulated to the application.


Cross Flow Cooling Towers
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  1. Easy maintenance by design
  2. Do not require any elaborate pillar foundations, can be placed on any flat surface
  3. All structural in HDG Steel, SS 304 and SS 316 available upon request.
  4. Adjustable pitch axial flow, dynamically balanced aluminum fans
  5. Casings of FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastics) for durability and strength
  6. All joints fastened with SS 304 fasteners
  7. Uniformity in water dispersion through flower pot target nozzles
  8. Capacities 10TR to 1500TR , in single cell
  9. Water flow 5 m3/h to 1000 m3/h, in single cell
  10. Delta T (Temperature drop) 4°C to 20°C, in single cell
  11. ABS Fills for high temperature applications (80°C)
  12. Lighter operational weights and reduces space requirements.
  13. Future expansion is achievable with adaptation to the existing towers.
  14. Multi-cells designed accommodate seasonal cooling needs.
  15. Low pumping Head
  16. Lower first cost pumping systems
  17. Lower annual energy consumption & Operating Costs
  18. Accepts larger variation in water flow without adverse effect on the tower distribution pattern
  19. Easy maintenance access to distribution nozzles
  20. Low static pressure drop
  21. Reduced Drift
  22. Reduced re circulation
  23. Lower energy & Operating Costs.


  2. Air Conditioned Halls
  3. A/C plant & cold rooms
  4. Chemical industries
  5. Dairy, Citrus and other food processing industries
  6. Distilleries and Breweries plants
  7. Industries heat process
  8. Oil refineries