We manufacture High Performance Heavy Duty Mild Steel Reinforced FRP tanks to meet the High performance for decades.

We Manufacture High Performance Heavy duty ACID / ALKALI Proof Lining On existing RCC tank in EFFLUENT TREATMENT PLANT Tanks to meet the High Durability with Superior Corrosion Resistant to all Critical Acidic and Alkaline chemicals for decades without any trouble in contentious process industries.

This is the most Tipo Heat Exchangers Product and does not have frequent Joints like AR Tiles and has Excellent compatibility with all kinds of Acids and Alkalies and corrosive chemicals and good Mechanical strength and Good Non stick property with Good Appearance.

ETP (Environment Treatment Plant) Tank

ETP Tanks

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We are counted among st the foremost manufacturers and suppliers of ETP (Environment Treatment Plant) Tanks. These ETP tanks are manufactured using finest quality material and advanced technology, and are offered in varied technical specifications to accommodate variegated needs of clients. Owing to efficient operation and sturdy construction, these tanks are widely demanded in the following :

1. Food & beverage industry

2. Pharmaceutical sector

3. Export houses

4. Textile industry

5. Hospitals

Process Flow Chart of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)

Collection Tank

Storage Tank

Mixing & Cooling Tank

Neutralization Tank

Chemical Coagulation Tank

Biological Oxidation Tank

Sedimentation & Separation of Sludge Tank

Sludge Thickener Tank

Filtration Tank

Discharge to Drain Tank

Collection Tank: Commencing part, waste from different section enter here.

Storage Tank: Several blower pipe in this chamber. Mixing properties are different with temp. as well.

Mixing & Cooling: Cooling tower is on paddle mixer used for mixing.

Neutralization: PH is controlled here.

Chemical Coagulation: Fe₂(SO₄)₃, Al₂(SO₄)₃ etc use for coagulation.

Biological Oxidation Tank: Artificially Eco-system established. Blowing air helps to live micro-organism.

Sedimentation & Separation of Sludge: The blanket of precipitations is skimmed off to another tank and remaining solution is removed to pressure filter.

Sludge Thickener: After exceeding the required level of recycling, sludge passed through thickening chamber.

Filtration: Filtration layer consists of sand rock which filter wet sludge to extract water rest in it.

Discharge to Drain: Release to environment with the check of final load of effluent in it.