Coil Cooling Towers

Introduction of Coil Cooling Tower

 Tipo  Coil Cooling Tower is equipment used to cool and maintain the temperature of process hot water at a particular level. This operates on the principle of heat transfer by a heat exchanger with extended fins. The fan is driven by an Electric Motor. Applying Coil/dry cooling means saving water. Coil/Dry cooling technologies prove technical qualities and effectiveness in power plant heat rejection. Coil/Dry Cooling Tower functioning in combination of extended sine wave finned surface heat transfer coils, with axial flow fans and rigid construction for regular operation. The hot water from any equipment can be sent to the inlet of the Coil/Dry Cooling Tower & that hot water get Cooled and Cold water outlet from the Dry / Coil is connected to the pump, which pumps the cold water to the equipment to transfer the heat from the equipment with less Evaporation loss, Maintenance free, No need of raw Water tank & 100% free from descaling.

Salient Features of Coil Cooling Tower:

  • Eliminates Scale-formation
  • Eliminates frequent maintenance
  • Eliminates make up water after the first fill
  • Eliminates Moving parts except fan & motor
  • Eliminates PHE at Furnace & Coil circuit
  • Eliminates water softening plant & chemicals
  • Eliminates maintenance cost, reduces power cost & saves earth
  • Eliminates Contamination of air
  • Eliminates FRP Cooling Tower
  • Eliminates raw water Tank and Pumps.
  • Eliminates Mixing of dust / dirt / fly ash with Water
  • Eliminates descaling, fungus cleaning Chemicals
  • Eliminates Heat exchanger headaches at primary circuit
  • Eliminates break down and Production loss

Applications of Coil Cooling Tower:

  • Coil/Dry Cooling Tower used for air compressor
  • Lots power plants are using the Coil/ Dry Cooling Tower
  • Steel manufacturing industries are used Coil/ Dry Cooling System
  • Dry cooling towers for geothermal power plants
  • Diesel Power Plants are using this type of cooling tower

Advantages of Coil Cooling Tower:

  • No water consumption in this type of Coil/ Dry Cooling Tower System because the air does not in a straight line contact between the water.
  • This cooling tower efficacy ensures minimum ecological impact
  • A huge of water gets conserved on using Coil/dry cooling towers
  • Less water resources and greater than before water pollution concerns have led to explosive development of Coil/Dry Cooling worldwide.


Coil Cooling Towers
Coil Cooling Towers