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Air cooled refrigeration system by using evaporation cooled air condenser. Amelioration performance dun system frigorifique refried par air  condenser Adair refried par evaporation. An evaporative cooler was built and coupled to the existing air cooled refrigeration system of a split-air-conditioner in order to measure its effect on the cycle performance under various ambient air temperatures up to 49 °C. Experimental results show that application of evaporation cooled air condenser has significant effect on the performance improvement of the cycle and the rate of improvement is increased as ambient air temperature increases.

Fundamentals Air Cooled Refrigeration:

Air cooled refrigeration system describes the process of removing heat from spaces, objects, or materials and maintaining them at a temperature below that of the surrounding atmosphere. To produce a refrigeration effect, the material to be cooled needs only to be exposed to a colder object or environment. The heat will flow in its NATURAL direction-that is, from the warmer material to the colder material. Refrigeration, then, usually means an artificial way of lowering the temperature. Mechanical refrigeration is a mechanical system or apparatus that transfers heat from one substance to another. It is easy to understand refrigeration if you know the relationships among temperature, pressure, and volume, and how pressure affects liquids and gases.


Air Cooled Refrigerator
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  1. Extensive Product Lineup
  2. Versatility
  3. Energy and Cost Savings
  4. High Operation Efficiency
  5. Wide Temperature Range
  6. Energy and Cost Savings
  7. Reliable Operation
  8. Comprehensive Support System


  1. Low noise
  2. Light weight
  3. Overload Protector
  4. Durable nature.


  1. Large-Size Facility
  2. Process Cooling at Factory
  3. Data Center