Heat Exchanger Manufacturers



Heat exchangers are defined as devices that transfer heat from one liquid or gaseous substance to another in order to change the temperature of the substance for another process. Heat exchangers are constructed with thermally conducted tubes or plates. Heat exchangers are commonly used to transfer heat from air to air, water to water, or air to water to steam or a variety of other liquids.
Depending on the overall function and location, heat exchangers come in a variety of configurations. Generally, they are built with a flat plate design or a shell and tube design. Air, liquids, or steam flow through a network of heat conducting tubes or cavities lined with heat conducting plates.

Product Profile:

Its  is a device for an efficient heat transfer between two fluid media. The two medium may be in separate paths or be in direct contact. This  are mainly used in Generators, Compressors, Process Cooling like space heating, refrigeration, air conditioning, power plants, chemical plants, Marine, Automobile, Petrochemical Plants, Petroleum Refineries and Natural Gas Processing, Nuclear Plants, Ports, Ship Building Centre, Indian Railway etc.

The Heat Exchangers is one of the very few companies in the work manufacturing all types of heat exchangers in one roof.

The heat exchanger flow in two nature.

  1. One is co current flow [ Parallel Flow ],
  2. second one is counter current flow [ Counter Flow ].

This Heat Exchangers are mainly used for reducing or increasing the heat in one media to another media.

Two Basic Configurations:

Plate heat exchangers come in two basic configurations:—

  1. flat plate heat exchangers or plate and
  2. frame heat exchangers.

Air to air and water to air heat exchangers are made with this configuration. Shell and tube heat exchangers are available in configurations such as finned tube heat exchangers, tube heat exchangers, spiral heat exchangers, or oil coolers. Marine and other water-to-water heat exchangers usually are equipped with this design.

Types of Heat Exchanger Manufacturers:

  • Shell & Tube ,
  • U Tube Bundle,
  • Coil Type,
  • Double Pipe,
  • Floating,
  • Lined,
  • Cladded,
  • Process .


Heat exchangers are designed and manufactured for maintaining the optimal operation of the engine, and the oil cooler ensures an adequate supply of oil to various accessory components thus avoiding unnecessary wear. Hence, the oil cooler is subjected to a very strict regime of inspection and regular maintenance.

Heat Exchanger Manufacturers Applications:

  • Turbine oil cooling.
  • Boiler feed water heating application.
  • Compressor air cooling.
  • DG set engine water cooling.
  • Chemical heat recovery.
  • Black and green liquor heating.
  • High Pressure Boiler feed water heater.

Material of Construction :

Titanium, Tantalum,  Nickel, Hastelloy ,  Inconel, Stainless Steel.