Forced Draft Cooling Towers Manufacturers



Tipo  are an accredited manufacturer and supplier of high quality forced draft cooling towers manufacturers that are widely used in various industries.  These cooling towers are manufactured using quality-approved factor inputs, which we source from the authentic vendors of the industry.  Our offered range is available in various specifications in order to meet the varied needs of the clients.

The forced draft cooling towers remove low-potential heat generated in the production process.  They use atmospheric cooling with wet technology and forced draft.  A counter flow of air and hot water in the cooling fill results in a heat transfer.  The air flow is provided by a propeller fan while the drift eliminators prevent the transfer of small the tower space.

Forced Draft Cooling Towers Manufacturers Features:

  • Forced draft fan handles cold and dry air with less specific volume, and hence, air flow quantity is lesser for a given duty than induced draft
  •  Also, we use world renowned high efficiency fills, which has lesser static resistance than any other type of fill
    finally, the velocity pressure which gets wasted into the atmosphere in induced draft is utilized effectively in the forced draft system that we offer, contributing to savings in power
  •  The exit air velocity is less therefore, the carry over loss gets minimized
  •  Coupled with this, very high efficiency drift eliminators reduce the total drift loss to max. 0.05% compared with 0.2-0.3% for other systems
  •  This also eliminates the drift nuisance as well as algae formation.



  • energy industries
  • petrochemical industry
  • chemical industry
  • engineering industry and metallurgy
  • mining industry
  • plastic and rubber industry
  • paper industry
  • manufacturing industry (food-processing, sugar refineries)
  • We are offering forced draft cooling towers


Processing Details:

Forced Draft Cooling Tower is a mechanical draft tower having blower type fan that put force and pressure to the air into the tower for developing high entering as well as low exiting air velocities.  This is capable to work with high static pressure, hence can be easily used in more-confined spaces and indoor situations.  It removes low-potential heat that is generated during the manufacturing process.  It always uses atmospheric cooling along with wet technology to transfer the heat by counter flowing of hot water and air in the cooling.  The air flow is carried out a modern propeller fan.


basis:–Simplicity–Personal safety–Cost effectiveness–Ease of use–Weather protection, protection against extreme weather conditions

  • Two cooling towers for each plant unit
  • One tower is used for removing decay heat from the reactor, the other for removing decay heat from the spent fuel pools as well as for cooling off other equipment critical for safety.
  • The cooling towers are connected to existing systems of Clovis NPP. One cooling tower is connected in reserve residual heat removal system RR and the other cooling tower is connected to intermediate component cooling system TF in each unit.

Forced Draft Cooling Towers Manufacturers:

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