Climate Control Systems


We are one of the known names of the industry engaged in offering Climate Control Systems to the clients. These systems are designed and manufactured for India’s leading automotive braking systems manufacturer and . These systems can be used for conditioning of air in component test rigs and can customize as per the requirement of specific application. Similar systems can be delivered for liquid cooling applications also.

For industrial buildings Colt offers solutions for natural day-to-day ventilation with the optional benefit of smoke ventilation, or hybrid natural and mechanical ventilation systems including evaporative cooling and heating.

The design approach depends on the use of the building. Colt operates in a wide variety of industries, providing tailor made climate control systems to meet the specific requirements of each.

For example, our systems for the food industry need to take account of the need for constant temperature and humidity levels to guarantee food safety.



  • Temperature range of -25degC to +60degC
  • Relative Humidity range of 20% to 95%
  • Air Velocity control also as required

Some of the other details are as follows:

  • Electronic Expansion Valves for precise refrigerant metering and power savings
  • Complete System Control based on a PLC platform
  • AC Drive based compressor control for close control of temperature and power savings
  • Electric Re-heat or Dessicant based dehumidifying
  • Steam Generator for humidification.

The benefits of a good internal climate

  • Increased productivity resulting from a healthy and comfortable environment for the occupiers.
  • Improved functioning and lower maintenance costs for manufacturing processes, and production or IT equipment, resulting from operating in ideal conditions.
  • Longer shelf life and safeguarding of product quality, resulting from goods being able to be processed and stored in ideal conditions.