Square Shape Cooling Tower

Square Shaped Cooling Towers :

Square shaped cooling tower is the re-cycled water. The Square shaped cooling towers blend easily with architectural surroundings, giving a unique aesthetic appearance. Designed to cool industrial re-cycled process water from temperature of 50 degrees to temperature of 4 plus the prevailing Wet Bulb temperature of the region. The design incorporate the static spray nozzle distribution to atomize water in to a mist state and ensure uniformity in water dispersion and are easy to maintain even during the tower operations.
The hot water from the application is dispersed uniformly over the wet deck fill by means of static spray non clog nozzles. Simultaneously, air is induced through the fill media thus taking away the latent heat from the water passing through the fill media. Portion of water evaporated, removes the heat from the remaining water. The warm moist air is drawn through the fan deck is discharged to the atmosphere. Cold water, collected at the collection sump, is re-circulated to the heat source.


The Square shaped cooling tower designs incorporates a static distribution setup, located above the fill media. Hot water from the application is circulated to the distribution header from which they are dispersed over the fill media by no. of non-clog static nozzles, fitted to the branch pipe of the main header. Water when forced ( 1 to 1.5 kg/scm) through the distribution setups is atomized and sprayed over the fill media. The fan that is coupled directly to the motor draws air across the fill media vertically and in the process takes away the heat from the water. Cold water is collected at the collection sump having the outlet connection through which cold water is circulated to the application. The spray losses are minimized by using adequate drift eliminators. The distinguishing features of our product are compact design Honey comb type PVC fills, with varying flute sizes, to provide maximum contact surface area and heat transfer surface per unit volume.


Square Shaped Cooling Tower
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Square shaped Cooling Tower casing is constructed from FRP melded panels suitably flanged. All joints sealed with water proof compound and bolted together with galvanized steel bolts or stainless steel bolts unless specified otherwise. Additional embossing is done for extra strength.
General fill consists of Honeycomb PVC film type splash deck is modules with high resistant to corrosion & highly efficient for heat transfer. The filling is made of P.V.C. sheet laid in a ring from to enable easy replacement, having high heat transfer efficiency. It is suitable for operation with inlet water temperature up to 55 C. or 130 F.
The fan consists of axial propeller fan blades of special alloy aluminum blades of designed aerofoil construction. The blades are of adjustable pitch connected to a common M.S.H.D.G./Aluminum Alloy Hub. The fan is statically balanced. FRP fan set can also be supplied on request at extra cost.
4.Fan Drive:
Small Model has direct driven fans. Higher Mode features a unique belt drive to avoid excessive noise.
5.Fan Blade:
Aero-dynamically designed propeller fans at low speed are used to save on power consumption and to assure quiet operation.
6.Drift Eliminator:
To reduce carry out losses through entertainment of moisture ropes in the air stream by specially designed multi blade rotary drift eliminator made of FRP aluminum sheets. Eliminators are of special F.R.P. design to reduce carryover to the barest minimum.
Special low RPM totally enclosed motors of Vertical, Flange type with enlarged & threaded shaft and sealed top is supplied with the cooling tower. The motor is also weather proof and in IP-55 construction.
8.Water Distribution System:
The hot water is raised by hot water riser & taken inside by a M.S.H.D.G. / P.V.C. hot water header inside. Branch distribution pipes fitted with Polypropylene Splash cups / non clogging nozzles are connected to hot water header and uniform water distribution over entire fill is achieved. It is totally maintenance free distribution.
Accessibility for maintenance to operating fan unit etc.


1.Easy access through casing simplifies cleaning
2.Fan motor is weather proofed & totally enclosed
3.Less noise
4.Efficient long term performance
5.Efficiently designed PVC fills creates a surface area that allows for maximum dispersion of water which creates a superior cooling effect
6.Large capacity durable water basin constructed from rust proof fibber glass reinforced plastic guarantees low maintenance & long term operation.


1.Herbal, Aromatics & extraction plants
2.Industries heat process
3.Oil refineries.
4.Chemical industries
5.A/C plant & cold rooms
6.Soap / Cosmetic mfg. industries
7.Steel factory and foundry