Industrial Coolers

Brine Chiller

Brine Chillers Tipo Heat Exchangers offers modular brine chillers, packaged brine chillers, split brine chiller systems, brine closed loop systems, and custom brine equipment. Heat transfer through a brine chiller system provides substantially faster, more uniform product temperature reduction than conventional air chillers. Meat processes benefit...

Chiller Manufacturer Teni

Type of Chiller Vapor Compression Chillers The vapor-compression chillers uses a circulating liquid refrigerant  as the medium which absorbs and removes heat from the space to be cooled and subsequently rejects that heat elsewhere. Industrial Chillers Tipo Heat Exchangers has a long history of cooling critical process facilities and Process of...

Air Blast Oil Cooler

For fulfilling the needs of the diverse industrial sectors, we are engaged in manufacturing, exporting and supplying our clients a broad array of Air Blast Oil Cooler. This oil cooler is manufactured in synchronization with predefined industry standards with the help of advanced technique using optimal quality components under proper experts’...

Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

The right heat exchanger (HX) requires some knowledge of the different heat exchanger types, as well as the environment in which the unit must operate. Typically in the manufacturing industry, several differing types of heat exchangers are used for just the one process or system to derive the final product. For example, a kettle HX […]

Fin Fan Cooler

OVERVIEW: Fin fan cooler side is usually considered clean service, although some customers will specify an fin fan cooler-fouling factor as a result of airborne contaminants. Usually a fouling factor is only included for the process side of the cooler. The fouling factor is actually a resistance to heat transfer and is actually added to […]