Floating Heat Exchangers

Difference between heat exchangers and interchanger

A heat exchanger is an apparatus that is used for heat recovery that means it is used to transfer heat from two fluids. The difference between a heat exchanger and condenser is the purpose of the state change of the substance (liquid or vapors). Heat Interchanger: The use of heat interchangers, either as an aid […]

Floating Heat Exchangers Salem

Floating Heat Exchangers About The Tipo Company actively involved in supplying Floating Heat Exchanger. It is a specially designed heat exchanger in which one end of the tube sheet is fixed to the shell and the other one can freely float inside the shell. It is widely used in applications where there is high stress […]

Floating Heat Exchangers

Floating Heat Exchangers About The floating tubes sheet is clamped between the floating head and a clamp ring. The ring which is split in half to permit dismantling is placed at the back of the tube sheet shows the details of a split ring assembly. The floating tubes sheet is kept slightly smaller in diameter […]