Glycol Chiller

Glycol Chillers


A Tipo  glycol chillers is the heart of a glycol system. A glycol system works in an excellent way when you wish to have a reliable temperature control over storage temperature.  A properly set up glycol system enables you to control fermentation vessels, cellar and storage tanks with a single machine.  It is your cooling line.

Understanding the Functional Aspects:

A properly set up glycol system enables you to control fermentation vessels, cellar and storage tanks with a single machine.

Glycol Chillers Includes:

Glycol Chiller include both ,

1. Air cooled glycol chiller and

2.Water cooled glycol chiller.

It belongs to LA / LW  low temperature chiller series.

Controlling the Flow:

Glycol is chilled under the freezing point of water which makes it effective for cooling.  To maintain a temperature higher than freezing, you require adjusting the flow rate of the glycol by using a heat exchanger.  It can be done manually as well as automatically.
You can do this manually by inserting a shut-off valve and opening or closing as it requires, you can regulate the temperature of the liquid.  However, you need to monitor it consistently to make it work.

Technical Features of Glycol Chiller:

  • High performance in minimum space.
  • Tropicalized  design for ambient temperature up to 45 ºc.
  • Hermetic reciprocating or scroll compressors rack, with noise insulation, rota-lock service valves, discharge muffler (for reciprocating compressor models), mounted on shock absorbers, with internal klaxon, anti back-flow valves and crankcase heater.
  • Large U-shaped area of condensing coil, in copper pipes and aluminum fins, tropicalised for ambient temperature up to 45 ºC.
  • Low-speed electronic axial motor-fans (except for series 1) with low energy consumption, internal protection, mounted on nozzles, dynamically balanced blades and external protection grille.
  • Proportional control of condensing pressure.
  • Refrigeration circuit with one or two suction line/s, built in copper piping with high and low pressure switches, pressure transducers, service valves, thermostatic expansion valve, dehydratant ceramic
    filter and sight glass.
  • Brazed plates heat exchanger featuring in-ox plates with copper welding, with anti-freezing heater.
  • Hydraulic circuit built in copper piping with flow switch, temperature and pressure gauge, air vent and draining valve. Thread connection up to 2 1/2” and DN80 bridle connection from 3”.
  • Switchboard electronic control, with thermal and magneto-thermal protection for compressor/s, fan/s and water pump.
  • Electronic regulation with 4 power stages and glycol inlet temperature set point, HP and LP transducers, anti-freezing protection and digital control keyboard.
  • Low maintenance, removable panels for easy access.
  • Refrigerant R404-A.

Available options:

  •  316L stainless steel food grade(or higher) fluid circuit.
  •  Enlarged condenser or R134a unit for healthily running under higher working ambient.
  •  Remote control panel.
  •  PLC control system, offer more intuitionistic operation and monitoring.
  •  Higher pressure water supply pump on request.
  •  Hot gas by-pass to get more stable temperature control.
Applications of Glycol Chiller:

Food & beverage process, chemical, ice rink, cold storage, etc.


Glycol Chiller
Glycol Chiller