Air Cooled Chiller

Air cooled Chiller


Our Tipo product designs too meet the latest and most demanding customer needs. Taking the culture of product perfection to consumer needs. Products are designed keeping in mind that the features should add more value to consumer need. There by ensuring cool, clean and breathable air. Also a specially designed ‘Completely Collapsible Louvers’ to prevent dust & insects from entering inside cooler. Water tank cover prevents insect/mosquito breeding inside water tank. Similarly ‘Auto Drain’ is a convenient way to drain the water from the tank at the press of a switch. The water neatly drains out and collects in the bucket preventing spillage. ‘Humidity Control’ function regulates the volume of water flow on Honeycomb pads thereby controlling humidity levels in the room, Air coolers come with a Cord Winding Station and plug in facility to neatly arrange product after use. Many of these features have been introduced for the first time in air cooler industry keeping in view User’s pain points, convenience of usage & maintenance.

 Features of Air cooled Chiller:

  • Humidity Control
  • 3 Side Dust Filter nets
  • Temperature display
  • Healthy Air
  • Cord Winding Station
  • Water Tank Cover
  • Auto Drain
  • Low Noise
  • Completely Collapsible Louvers
  • 3 Side Honeycomb Cooling Pads

 Advantages of Air Cooled Chiller:

  1. Apart from being affordable, the air coolers use water for cooling and do not use any refrigerant such as CFC, HCFC etc. for cooling as is the case in air conditioners. Hence they are very Eco friendly.
  2. The initial cost of buying a cooler is much less than that of an air conditioner. That means lower investment!
  3. The power consumed by these coolers is much less as compared to the air conditioners, so the annual energy saving is significant. So along with lower investment, the cost of using coolers is less than using ACs
  4. Coolers are portable. Hence it is very easy to place them in the room that you want to cool.
  5. Air conditioners cool the air inside a room and again direct the air into the same room, whereas air coolers use fresh outside air, cool it and direct it inside the room. Hence more fresh air is circulated in the room.

 Design features:

  • Very high fatigue strength and pressure resistance
  • Metallic bond between tubes and fins assures excellent heat transfer and rigidity of fins
  • High quality standards


Air Cooled Chiller
Air Cooled Chiller