Marine Type Heat Exchangers Manufacturers in Coimbatore

Marine Type heat exchangers are no different than non-marine heat exchangers except for the simple fact that they are found aboard ships.

Marine Type Heat exchangers can be used for a wide variety of uses. As the name implies, these can be used for heating as well as cooling.

In first stage stations in particular, gas must be heated before pressure is reduced, since high pressure changes are usually involved.

The two primary types of marine heat exchangers used aboard vessels in the maritime industry are: plate, and shell and tube.

. Maintenance for heat exchangers prevents fouling and galvanic corrosion from dis-similar metals.

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Marine type Heat Exchangers Description

  • Marine Heat Exchangers offered to come in superior grade stainless steel 316L/titanium material finish which makes these deliver optimum working performance.
  • Further, its compact size finish also makes these provide for superior usage.
  • Some of its features include ensures high viscosity oil with good flow velocity inside the unit; high heating efficiency for oil cooling; provides for easy installation support; maximum working pressure on the oil side of 25 bars; maximum working pressure on the water side of 3 bars, 10 bars, 15 bars.
  1. Provides for optimum heating efficiency
  2. Features compact finish size
  3. Comes with simple installation support
  4. Features use of stainless steel or titanium shell & tubes for durable performance
  5. Can be made available with different connector supports