Wooden Cooling Towers

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Wooden Cooling Towers in the market. Fabricated using optimum quality raw materials our Wooden Cooling Towers are extremely strong and can easily withstand adverse weather conditions. Our Induced Draft Wooden Cooling Towers successfully caters to the ever mounting need for power generation. Our Wooden Cooling Towers are constructed with treated timber which is resistant to the effects of contaminated water.

Frame Work: Chemically treated selected Himalaya Pine Wood is used for the cooling tower. All the timber structure are pre fabricated and the chemically treated.

Tower Casting and Louvre: Corrugated Asbestos Cement, Red mud Plastic or FRP Sheets are used for tower casing and Louver.

Fill: Chemically treated wood splash bars or P.V.C. Splash bars which was supported on either G.I.P.V.C. Coated or stainless steel wire grid in cross flow towers. For Counter either treated wood or rigid P.V.C. Honeycomb design type fill is used.

Drift Eliminator: chemically treated wood eliminators blades are supported on treated marine plywood holders, sometimes Rigid P.V.C. Drift eliminator are used.

Distributor System: In Cross flow towers water is distributed by header pipes on open distribution pans having flower type spray nozzles. In atmospheric spray and smaller counter flow cooling towers water is sprayed through nozzles which are fitted on M.S. Galvanized header pipes. In larger counter flow cooling towers distribution is done by troughs and sub-distribution troughs in which spray nozzles are fitted.

Hardware: Bolts, Nuts and Washers used are normally of M.S. Hot dip galvanized. The entire nail used is of SS 304 material.

Fan Assembly: The fan is of Axial flow type, consists of cast aluminum alloy or GRP vary pitch blades fitted on a galvanized M.S. Hub with SS 304 ‘U’ bolts and buts. The balanced fan assembly up to 1910 mm dia is mounted directly on motor shaft. Larger diameter fans are mounted on gear box output shaft. Hollow GRP blades are used to reduce power consumption for larger fans.

Fan casing: Direct driven casing of M.S. galvanized type. Gear driven fan casing/stack is of FRP or treated timber and marine plywood construction.

Basin: Normally, R.C.C./ Brick basins are used. However, for atmospheric spray and smaller induced drought tower wooden basins may be used.

High performance: Tipo Heat Exchangers Cooling Towers are designed carefully to achieve uniform water distribution, higher heat mass transfer rate. The design of fill, drift eliminator allows a maximum volume of air movement through the tower at lower power consumption.

Low maintenance: Tipo Heat Exchangers Cooling Towers up to 1910 mm, fans diameter are driven directly by flanged weatherproof motors. As gear box is eliminated, little maintenance is required, inert material selection both in structural and functional components reduce maintenance.