Water Purification/ Water Treatment Plant

Tipo heat Exchangers With wide and rich industry knowledge, we are engaged in providing our clients with world class sewage treatment plants. These plants help in removing contaminants from waste water and household sewage. Also, these plants use physical, chemical and biological processes to remove physical, chemical and biological contaminants. Used at various places like big hospitals, research centers and health centers, these plants comprise collection tank, aeration tank, sludge digester, filter press, screen, dual media filters and diffused aeration system.

TIPO HEAT EXCHANGERS use Ozone (O³) and Ultraviolet (UV) technologies to provide disinfection and oxidation in water treatment plants and to complement other technologies such as reverse osmosis, ultra filtration, water softeners etc.

When borehole, dam or river water is treated with ozone, pollutants are either precipitated, flocculated and filtered or off-gassed out of the system. Ozone also will help stabilize the water’s pH to between 7 and 8. Bacteria, viruses, and any other pathogens are destroyed when ozone gives up its third element and renders them unable to reproduce.

However in the majority of cases the client requires a complete water treatment solution and do not want disinfection only. The oxidised metal particulates and sediment after ozone treatment will need to be filtered out of the water.

This is where OSI can offer to design and build and maintain a water treatment plant especially for small industrial and hospitality applications.

The problem with designing a water treatment system is that no one plant is the same as the other.

The water from the Vaal river for example at one extraction point could be completely different to another extraction point 100 metres downstream.

This is because the geology could change from clay to sandstone and for example, there may be a human settlement discharging effluent into the river or a factory could be dumping chemicals inadvertently.

Whether the water source is a river, borehole or Municipality, it  is essential when requesting a quote or system to provide a water analysis of the raw water and a maximum flow of litres per minute or hour that requires treating.

Variables could be excess calcium in the water (causing hardness), excess salts, high or low pH, too high total dissolved solids (TDS), discolouration and odour.


1. Automatic sludge recirculation system

2. Access and inspection registers in every chamber

3. No odor generation