box shape cooling towers

FRP Box Shaped Cooling Towers:

FRP Box shaped cooling tower is used in various industries and is popular because of its lightweight and compact size. FRP Box shaped cooling towers are allows quick & easy installation. We make use of quality raw materials such as steel sheets, aluminum sheets, brass, alloys and nickel and also undertake turnkey projects for FRP Box shaped cooling towers used in the industrial segments such as pharm & chemicals, pipe, soap, food & beverages, anodizing, multiplayer and films industry.


FRP Box shaped cooling tower contacts ambient air rising up through the tower either by natural draft or by forced draft using large fans in the tower. That contact causes a small amount of the water to be lost as wind age (W) and some of the water (E) to evaporate. This method works on the principle that continuous particle removal will keep the system clean. Manufacturers typically package side-stream filters on a skid, complete with a pump and controls. For high flow systems, this method is cost-effective. Properly sizing a side-stream filtration system is critical to obtain satisfactory filter performance.


 FRP Box Shaped Cooling Towers
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  1. CASING (F. R. P.)
    The F. R. P. cooling tower casing has sufficient strength to adequately withstand wind velocities up to 60 m/sec. (134 mph), earthquakes and vibrations. The water basin like the tower casing is made of FRP. The cold water outlet can be from the bottom or side walls depending on requirement. Strainer fitted at the out let prevents outside objects like leaves , polythene pieces entering into the suction line. The unique design of FRP Basin eliminates the danger of drawing air into the pump when operating with minimum water in the basin. A drain is provided to facilitate the removal of accumulated dirt from the bottom of the tank.
    The fillings are made of PVC. They have excellent heat exchange efficiency and remarkably good chemical resistance. These fills are totally enclosed in the tower, thus excluding them from sunlight and minimizing the growth of algae. A pre-eminent quality and long life fill consists of modular block of PVC honey combs construction to create prolonged contact time of hot air with water for maximum heat transfer.
  3. FAN
    Aerodynamically designed axial flow type fans are specifically designed for cooling tower use. A well balanced fan delivers large air volume at high efficiency and low noise level. The fan blades and hub are of Cast Aluminium alloy (LM-6). The direct driven fan with variable pitched blades . Fans are coupled with slow speed weather proof motor in IP-55 construction. The mechanical equipment is so designed that maintenance of motor and fan blades can easily be carried out without removal of the entire system.


  1. Easy access through casing simplifies cleaning
  2. Fan motor is weather proofed & totally enclosed
  3. Less noise
  4. Efficient long term performance
  5. Efficiently designed PVC fills creates a surface area that allows for maximum dispersion of water which creates a superior cooling effect
  6. Large capacity durable water basin constructed from rust proof fibre glass reinforced plastic guarantees low maintenance & long term operation
  7. Optimum performance efficiency
  8. Low power operation
  9. Corrosion resistant
  10. Lesser cost of maintenance.


  1. In cold rooms and air condition plants
  2. Aluminum die casting
  3. Dairy industry
  4. Chemical industries
  5. In food industries such as hotels as well as in industries of food processing
  6. Oil refineries
  7. Automobile industries
  8. Forging and Mechanical industries
  9. Plants manufacturing glass
  10. Also employed for mega watt project industries’ heat process
  11. by plastic moulding machineries.