Fanless Cooling Towers Manufacturers in Coimbatore, South India

Fanless Cooling Towers does not contain any fan or fill used to cool the water and so it is called fan less and fill less cooling tower. The louvers are used as the side wall of the cooling tower to restrict the water spillage. The outside wind passage enters into the cooling tower and act as the cooling media. The hot water it will be sprayed in the top of the cooling tower with spray nozzles.

Fanless Cooling Tower is economical because there are no fans or fills used. The best part is that, the maintenance cost of this cooling tower is very less. This is the best payback cooling tower while comparing to other types of the cooling towers. No huge amounts of noise will be produced when the cooling tower is functioning. This cooling tower is designed to meet all your industrial requirements. This cooling tower can be installed where the requirement of the cooling water temperature is not critical. The cooling tower water approach is higher and enough open space is available.And also very low noise operated Cooling Tower. The noises of other model cooling towers are due to Fan, Motor, Gear box and Drive shaft and its vibrations only. Since these models of Cooling Towers are not having Fan, motor, Gear boxes, this equipment has no trouble-some of noise and vibration.

Fanless Cooling Towers Overview

  • Parallel flow-induced draft technology is used in the cooling tower
  • Structural component: mild steel hot dipped galvanized
  • Saves electricity and no maintenance required
  • Fiber glass reinforce plastics is the construction material of this cooling tower
  • Water distributed by fixed motor jet nozzles
  • The capacity is 9 m³/hour and it can be customized as per the requirements of the customers
  • Factory fabricated and designed to be assembled at the job site
  • This cooling tower can be used in plastic processing plant, light to medium industrial, chemical
  • plant, steel rolling mills, process cooling, pharmaceutical plant, and more.