Evaporative Cooling Towers

Evaporative cooling towers of the Tipo Heat Exchangers series are designed to allow maximum flexibility of deployment. The vertical air discharge, in fact, makes the operation of the same wholly independent of the direction and intensity of the prevailing winds. In case of installation of the towers within industrial premises, there is a version with higher centrifugal ventilators, which allows the channelling of the delivery or return air.

The Tipo Heat Exchangers enjoy the best protection against atmospheric agents being wholly made of thick galvanised sheet metal, which is further protected by an appropriate paint. All electric motors and the supporting ventilators are waterproofed and of special execution, thereby ready for outdoor installation. By request towers can be supplied complete with damper control capacity – the version with centrifugal fans – installed on the lip of every fan. They can also be supplied complete with an electric pump for the circulation of cooling water and with an electrical control panel to control resistance to winter icing.

Tipo Heat Exchangers evaporate cooling towers essentially combines a cooling tower and a condenser coil in single equipment. It eliminates the sensible heat transfer step of the condenser coil water which is required in the cooling tower/condenser system. This permits a condensing temperature substantially closer to design wet-bulb temperature, and consequently, minimum heat process energy input.

Since the process fluid of a closed loop system is completely isolated from the environment, routine maintenance is only required on the heat rejection equipment itself. The need to shut down the system periodically to clean the heat exchanger is dramatically reduced, if not entirely eliminated. Providing clean process fluid to the system will extend the life of other components in the system (condenser bundles, compressors, etc.).