Evaporative Condenser

Evaporative Condenser


Evaporative condensers can replace the conventional water cooled condenser and the cooling tower. It rejects heat from a condensing vapour into the environment. ICELINGS tube ice plants can also be supplied with an Evaporative Condenser of reputed brand. They are widely used for condensing vapour in mechanical refrigeration industrial process air conditioning systems & ammonia absorption refrigeration etc.

The application of Evaporative Condensers in refrigeration systems offers energy savings compared to air condensing or water cooling towers with Shell and Tube Condensers. It is possible to obtain up to 50% of energy savings compared to the use of centrifugal fans.

Specifications Evaporative Condenser:

  • The heat exchanger section wraps around the sides of the unit with the compressor inside.

Applications of Evaporative Condenser:

  • Evaporative condensers can be utilized inside or outside of a building and under run of the mill conditions, work at a low gathering temperature.

Features of Evaporative Condenser:

  • Strong construction
  • Simple water re circulation system
  • Extensive anti corrosive protection
  • Compact design
  • Low water consumption
  • Low air pressure drop
  • High air velocity ensuring good heat transfer between air and water
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Consistent Performance
  • High Wettability
  • No Ragged Edges
  • Constant Flow of Fresh Air
  • Longer Life
  • Self-Supporting
  • Cost Effective
  • Higher Air Velocity
  • Customized and Compatible
  • Easy Access

Advantages of Evaporative Condenser:

  • Evaporative condensers reduce the water pumping and chemical treatment requirements associated with cooling tower-refrigerant condenser system.
  • Also, they require substantially less fan power than the air cooled condenser of comparable capacity.
  • The evaporative condenser can operate at a lower condensing temperature than the air cooled condenser.
  • Compared to Shell & Tube Condensers and cooling tower, about 15% electrical consumption can be saved due to low-pressure condensation of refrigerant.
  • There is no down time required for annual cleaning.
  • Typically these are used in large commercial air-conditioning units.
  • These are used in large commercial air-conditioning units.


Evaporative Condenser
Evaporative Condenser