Bottle Shape Round Type Cooling Towers

Bottle Shape Cooling Towers:

Bottle Shaped Cooling Towers are compact, heavy duty and efficient cooling tower with a long services life & aesthetic design. Owing to these features, these cater to various industries and HVAC applications. Due to the self-rotating sprinkler, the water is properly distributed over the PVC Fills. The shaped facilitates in desired airflow. Being round in structure, the air flow of the tower is properly distributed. This directly causes reduction in running costs. Bottle Shaped Cooling Towers are vertically induced draught counter flow design along with the optimal heat transfer and uniform water distribution. These towers can be installed independent against the wind velocity.


bottle shape cooling towers
Bottle Shape Cooling Towers


Bottle shaped Cooling Towers is one of the leading manufacturers of compact and space saving FRP cooling towers. Bottle shaped cooling towers, multiple fibers are joined mutually and are available in form of mat. The mat is joined with polyester resin, accelerator, and catalyst. Being round, the air flow through the towers is more evenly distributed. Structural members do not interrupt air intake and therefore they have been proven to be thermodynamically the most efficient design in the field. This translated directly into reducing running costs. The towers offer PVC fills and eliminators in a design that maximizes economy and efficiency. The counter flow design facilitates low pump heads. The water is distributed inside the towers over the fill area through the self-rotating sprinkler to give an even distribution over the complete fill area.


Aerodynamically designed axial flow fan sets are made of special cast aluminum alloy. Pitch of the fan blades are factory set and dynamically balanced.
These towers are made of tough fiber glass with reinforced plastic (FRP) and comprises adequate structural strength to withstand high vibrations and wind vibrations. Gel coat is used for UV ray’s protection and longer life, The FRP water basins are leak proof.
The poly vinyl chloride (PVC) fill is rigid and comprises the honey combed design with exceptionally large contact surface area. Its purpose is to split the water and air into different streams to increase the time of contact and heat transfer between both the elements. These fills are available with us in standard size of 24”x 12” x 6” with the thickness of 0.25 mm.
Uniform distribution of water over the honeycomb. Fills is achieved by means of automatic water sprinkler. There is no motor but with the jet recoil force to rotate and distribute water d centrally, it consists of several P.V.C Pipes, on which a series of apertures are drilled longitudinally fitted on lightweight. PVC rotary heady and mounted on sealed ball bearings.


1.Chemical Resistance
2.Part Consolidation
5.Low Maintenance
6.Minimum Drift Loss of Water
7.High strength


1. Design: compact and modular of all components. Prevailing wind direction will not affect the cooling tower performance due to the unique circular designs of the basin and casing.
2. Water distribution: a highly efficient rotating sprinkler head system of aluminum alloy is incorporated. The sprinkler pipes are sturdy material pierced with closely spaced holes allowing distribution of water in a rotating spray covering the entire surface of the fills.
3. Fan assembly: aerodynamically designed adjustable pitch axial flow fans are used to conserve power and assure quite operation.
4. Structure: the steel components of framework are hot dipped galvanized to minimize the possibility of rust and corrosion.
5. Optional accessories: discharge hood/ABS-PP-HIP fills/Stainless steel components in SS304 or SS316/ FRP color.
6. Optional accessories: discharge hood/ABS-PP-HIP fills/Stainless steel components in SS304 or SS316/ FRP color.


  1. Air Conditioning Plant
  2. D G Set / Turbines
  3. Injection Molding / Plastic industries
  4. Induction furnaces / steel plant
  5. Automobile industries
  6. Chemical and petrochemical industry
  7. Paper mill and sugar mill
  8. Refinery and Fertilizer industry
  9. Chillers