RCC Cooling Towers

Tipo Heat Exchangers offers a wide range of concrete rcc cooling towers designed for any application. The RCC Cooling towers Structure of the cooling towers can either be built by us or by the clients own contractors. A permanent structure, low maintenance cooling tower can be built at a surprising low premium over a timber tower.
Salient Features of RCC Cooling Towers:

Both counter-flow and cross-flow patterns are available to suit customer needs.
Splash and Film fills in various materials of construction are available.
The concrete structure is optimized by in house structural engineers to minimize civil costs.
In house detail engineering ensures quick release of construction drawings and simplified construction methodology.
Civil construction can be carried out by our own experienced, construction group.
RCC – Structure Frame work is done normally in M30 grade of RCC as per IS standards.

Types of RCC Cooling Towers:

RCC Cooling Tower with Multi cell
RCC Cross Flow Cooling Tower
RCC Tower with Fill
RCC Counter Flow Cooling Tower
RCC Tower with V Bar.


RCC Induced Draft Counter-flow Cooling Tower: In a counter-flow cooling tower the air moves vertically upwards through the fill while waterfalls vertically downwards. Film type fill is used and is suitable for all cooling load applications, however, it is more suitable for the application where cold water temperature is critical and water quality is good. These cooling towers are made of RCC construction. Film type fill is made of PVC for normal water applications. These cooling towers are fitted with the fills of wider flute so that it can withstand most of the industrial water. The film type fill should be avoided for the applications where water has traces of oil and contaminated water. In the case of contaminated water PVC “V” bars and grid can be used. Cooling towers are fitted with high efficiency mechanicals such as axial flow fans, gear boxes and drive shafts.

RCC Induced Draft Cross-flow Cooling Towers: In a cross-flow cooling tower air moves through the fill horizontally and water falls vertically. The fill used is splash type fill and is suitable for cooling all load applications; however, it is more suitable for the application where water has higher suspended solids which can be a problem for film fill cooling tower operation. These cooling towers are made of RCC. For high temperature applications the splash fill is made of chemically treated timber whereas for normal temperature applications it is made of PVC. It can be of rectangular or “V” bar shape. The fill is supported on a SS-304 grid. Cooling towers are fitted with high efficiency mechanical parts such as axial flow fans, gear boxes and drive shafts.

RCC structure is designed to give maximum efficiency while retaining structural stability.
The distribution system is with the latest design of nozzles to ensure a proper distribution of water.
The fill media is of Virgin PVC fills, with double edge folding at the edges. These results in a very long life of fill media.
Choice of aerodynamic PVC – “S” type or “C” type Drift Eliminators.
Aerodynamic FRP fan to save recurring power cost.
Long lasting – FRP Fan Casing.
Easy to clean and maintain.
Highly reduced cost of maintenance