FRP Chemical Storage Tank

We manufacture and supply FRP Chemical Storage Tank that are used for chemical’s storage and vessels for chemical reaction. The behavior and the properties of the tanks depend on the grade resins used for fabrication purpose.

FRP Storage tanks are designed to withstand aggressive chemicals and high temperature. The tanks are self standing and are equipped with the level indicator and all standard accessories. These tanks are especially fabricated Our FRP storage tanks are built for storage of the corrosive fluids and perfectly serve the intention of safe handling of aggressive chemicals and also of store up these fluids for their long service life.


Now you have the information required to compare fiberglass reinforced plastic versus polyethylene chemical storage tank options for your application. Cost of the storage tank, safe storage and discharge of chemicals, cost and ease of installation, maintenance costs, and longevity of the tank should all be considerations in your decision.


  • Resistant to heat and high temperature
  • Robust construction
  • High storage capacity

Other Details:

  • Supplied with fire retardant and ultra violet resistant additives as per specific requirements
  • Suitable for using highly corrosive chemicals at maximum temperature up to 100 degree centigrade
  • Designed for pressure and vacuum conditions
  • Designed and supplied for above and underground applications
  • Thermoplastic welded joints with conductive layer
  • Vertical cylindrical, horizontal cylindrical and with require type of end closures
  • Supplied along with additional accessories like ladder, handrail, platform, level indicators, leg supports and saddle supports



  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • High mechanical strength at low specific gravity
  • Good resistance to weathering
  • Light weight
  • Good insulating qualities
  • Provide less maintenance & repairs down time

Types of tanks:

  • Rectangular tanks
  • Vertical tanks
  • Vertical cylindrical tanks with flat / conical/ dish end bottom
  • Pickling tank
  • Pressure tank
  • Storage tank
  • Rinsing tank In Chennai, Tamilnadu, India