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Glycol Chiller Chennai


Tipo Glycol Chiller in Chennai is designed according to the need and specifications of the individual customers. After a detailed study of the requirement, selection of the compressor is carried out and the evaporator and condenser are designed accordingly that suits to the requirement and capacity. Since the applications of these types are for specific purpose, particular attention is paid to selection of the components. In Chennai Glycol chillers are refrigeration systems which Circulate an anti-freeze and water solution to help cool a variety of equipment and processes. These chillers use an anti-freeze called glycol from which they receive their name. Since glycol is a food grade anti-freeze, these types of chillers are most frequently used in the food beverage Industry. Glycol chillers are commonly used for cooling fermentation tanks, brite tanks, and wort coolers in the brewing industry. Glycol chillers are used to provide reliable temperature control for fermentation and storage temperatures. Glycol chillers come as high, medium, or low temperature chillers.The Glycol Chiller is Manufactured in Chennai,Salem..Etc Cities.

Features of Glycol Chiller:

  • Designed to be User-friendly
  • High efficiency
  • Microprocessor/PLC based controller
  • Available with various refrigerants
  • Available with thermostatic expansion valve
  • Globally approved electrical components
  • Up to -35˚C
  • Corrosion less material quality
  • Long lasting durability
  • Easy to implant and use


  • Industrial process cooling and indirect cooling system for frozen storage and freezing system


  • Refrigerant R: 404 A / 507 A (Cfc Free), R: 22 and Nh 3
  • Temperature from Minus 5 to Minus 50 deg C Capacity from 15 TR to 250 TR in single and two stage design
  • Above 20 TR in single skid is an option

Benefits of Glycol Chiller:

  • Highly efficient temperature control
  • Reliability
  • Length of temperature holding time
  • Ability to keep ambient temperatures to a minimum
  • Increased efficiency and performance for reduced wastage and improved stock turnaround
  • 100% fully flooded coils for almost instant pull down of temperature versus 65% in traditional refrigeration systems

Environmental Benefits:

  • Glycol is totally food safe, with no health risks to users and installers
  • Little or no heat emissions into the kitchen – reducing ventilation and air Conditioning requirements
  • Reduced noise levels in the kitchen improving the working environment
  • Reduced energy consumption meets Climate Levy demands

Cost Benefits:

  • Up to 25%reduction in running costs
  • Reduced heat extraction and ventilation costs
  • Reduced food wastage
  • Reduced risk of failure when compared with integral refrigeration systems


Glycol Chiller
Glycol Chiller